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Titanium Appcelerator – Resizing the Andriod Emulator

While messing around with Appcelerator it was annoying that on my 13″ Macbook the Android emulator was too big for the screen – the Titanium Developer program doesn’t provide a way to change this. My workaround was to copy the command that’s being run to launch the emulator from the console output, and run the emulator manually with a resize option before deploying the app.

This can be accomplished using the emulator’s -scale option, which is a number from 0.1 to 3. I found setting it to 0.7 resulted in an emulator with a workable size for my Macbook.

From the root of your Android SDK folder run:

/tools/emulator -avd titanium_2_WVGA854 -port 5560 -sdcard ~/.titanium/android2.sdcard -logcat ‘*:d *’ -no-boot-anim -partition-size 128 -scale 0.7

(titanium_2_WVGA854 is the name of the emulator created by Titanium, this will differ depending on your chosen emulator).