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Entering the PHP on Azure Contest

I’ve decided to enter the PHP on Azure contest that’s being organised by PHP Benelux and supported by Microsoft, which is challenging developers to build a PHP application that runs in and takes advantage of the Windows Azure platform, Microsoft’s recent cloud computing offering.

While I wouldn’t grumble if I won a trip to Las Vegas for MIX2012 (the first prize), my main motivation for entering is to see how the platform can engender scalability in a web application, since that’s a subject close to my heart. I’m also hoping to use it as an excuse to experiment with some cutting-edge libraries and frameworks in PHP like Doctrine 2, and maybe in JavaScript, like ExtJS 4. I’m thinking the contest rule of regular blogging about my experiences of the Azure platform will help me maintain this blog a little better, too.

So ideally I’ll be blogging about the contest here, and tweeting about it, until it closes on May 15th.