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Determining the Type of Appcelerator Objects.

The Appcelerator platform doesn’t provide a way to determine what the type of an Appcelerator object is (e.g. a Window, a View, a Button, etc.). This is often necessary because one may wish to tailor logic to the type of object being dealt with.

For example, when working with a SplitWindow in an iPad app built in Appcelerator I needed to know if an object that was to be added to the detail view was a navigation group or a window. I ended up using toString() on the object to get its type, then using a regex. This is the way I ended up doing it:

<br /> if(! window.toString().match(/TiUIiPhoneNavigationGroup/)) {<br /> var nav = Ti.UI.iPhone.createNavigationGroup({<br /> window: window<br /> });

return nav;<br /> }

return window;<br />