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Speaking at PHPSW: From PHP to Objective-C

Tomorrow night (09/11) I’m going to be giving a 20 minute talk on how I’ve found the transition from PHP to Objective-C, which I’ve been doing over the last year or so (transition is probably the wrong word, since I still regularly develop in PHP). The talk will be a slimmer version of the one I’ve submitted to a couple of conferences, but the proposal will still apply so I thought I’d post it here in case it encourages anyone to attend!

Last year, after 8 years of developing almost exclusively in PHP, I decided to learn something new and begin developing for the iOS platform in Objective-C. I’d noticed that the typical modern PHP application, like an iOS application, is written using a framework and cutting-edge language features like closures and runtime dynamic binding, and thought that would serve to make the transfer easier. I also wanted to expand my skill set in an increasingly mobile, recession-hit world.

In this talk I will share my experiences of going from PHP to Objective-C and Cocoa; how I took the paradigms that I was accustomed to in PHP, like syntax, memory management, unit testing and design patterns, and mapped them to the iOS ecosystem. I’ll also describe some techniques used in Objective-C that can be applied in PHP to enhance our code. Finally, I’ll discuss what I consider to be the pros and cons of each platform, and how I believe each has its place in our future careers.

PHPSW is a monthly PHP meetup held in Bristol, at the Golden Guinea, on the second Wednesday of every month. Everything kicks off at 7pm!