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Box UK Has an Engineering Blog

I’ve always enjoyed reading microblogs like Daring Fireball which briefly editorialise links to content elsewhere on the web - it’s like “Here’s something interesting, here’s some perspective on it, now go read it.”. While we’ve had a blog on the Box UK website for some time, the format of it has been very much long-form. While that means we produce lots of in depth, informative content, the downside is because it can take a while to turn posts around the blog doesn’t suit snappy, quick posts in the microblog style.

Internally, we’re always sharing links to posts or videos in HipChat - stuff that’s relevant to our day-to-day work, stuff that could be useful to us in future, that sort of thing. For a while it’s been on our roadmap to introduce a microblog on the Box UK website, and now we have - last week we lauched the Box UK developer blog. We’ve already had posts on varied topics like SSH, Objective-C, Vim and Amazon S3. Keep an eye on it!