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Never Out of Beta Returns!

I love podcasts. Since I moved house and gained a commute I’ve whiled away the time to and from work listening to The Talk Show, The Record, The Guardian’s Football Weekly, and a couple of other great shows. Enough that I’m barely able to listen to them all. They made me pine for Never Out Of Beta though, a podcast Gav and Carey started a couple of years ago that I and a few friends would guest on, which was great fun.

But my longing is over - Gav and I have rebooted the show, and the first episode is available now via Soundcloud!

A couple of notes:

  • Production “issues” (well, I forgot a bunch of audio equipment) meant that we had to record this one via my Macbook’s built in microphone. It turned out ok, but we’ve got higher standards which hopefully we’ll get closer to next time
  • It took longer than I’d have liked to get the episode out because I’m learning the ropes when it comes to editing. The WWDC stuff is a bit old hat now, but get past that and I think there’s some interesting discussion around the DevOps mindset and provisioning with Ansible
  • An iTunes feed is coming as soon as I can sort one out - I listen to podcasts through the Apple Podcast app so I’m eager to make it available there
  • Inspired by The Talk Show’s recent switch we’re hosting the show on SoundCloud, which has been perfect so far

As with pretty much everything else Gav and I do, it might take a few iterations before this is something we’re really happy with, and feedback to aid us in getting there will be very much appreciated.

If you like tech, you might like this. Check it out!